Friday, April 16, 2004

While flicking stations during ad breaks in the Simpsons, I had the misfortune of catching 5 seconds of Popstars Live. Horrible! I hear you cry in sympathy. But it gets worse! Those 5 seconds contained a soul-destroying rendition of "7 Nation Army". Not to overstate things, but The White Stripes would be turning over in their graves...

On another note, I'm really glad Batto didn't catch the Win News teaser on the same night. The phrase "good news for parents of kids with ADHD" would have prompted hours of "The good news? It's that ADHD doesn't exist!!!" style ranting.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004



Well, almost 4 days into 5 weeks off work, and I've spent an awful lot of my time in front of the TV. Has it been worthwhile? Here're are my "accomplishments":
  • finished (re-)watching Buffy season 6, after 2.5 months ago starting right back at season 1, episode 1 (now I just have to wait 6 weeks for the final season to be released on DVD)

  • watched "Intolerable Cruelty" which was very entertaining, and continued the run of successful (in my eyes) George Clooney films (yeah, sure it's a Coen brothers movie, but would I have wanted to see it without George and Catherine Zeta Jones? The answer is no)

  • saw the final Matrix movie for the first time since being very disappointed when I caught it at the cinema. Much better on the small screen, surprisingly, and I actually enjoyed it this time around

  • spent a day or two playing "Chaos Bleeds" the new Buffy PS2 game, and found it was pitched at exactly the right level for my gaming ability, i.e. Gumby. Also played Simpsons Road Rage, and once again a game designed for me. I actually get rewarded for poor driving!
Finally, gave my eyes a rest and made a comeback to competition basketball, just in time to play the final game of the season. After expecting to finally retire from b/ball, I now have plenty of enthusiasm for a new season, since I missed the last 2 months.

What am I having for dinner tonight? Tuna and rice...