Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Wha' happen'd?

And, sooner than you can say "Swish! You're a swish! Swish!", I'm back!

My excuse for nil content the past week is that I was asleep... all week. Before that, I was lazy and malcontent. Or maybe just lazy, since malcontent is quite an effort.
Anyway, I'm back, I've managed a return to work (admittedly only 3 hours each of the last 2 days), and ready to contribute to my blog again. Especially since there are far too many comments saying how great Polarbear is... time for me to grab some attention back!

Songs I done heard
"In the mood" by To My Surprise. A rocking little tune with the main line "I'm in the mood to ruin a melody, are you in the mood to ruin it along with me?". Funky animated video clip too.

Movies I done seen
The Cooler (to be said in an Arnie voice)
Romcom for the 21st century. A simple love story interspersed with gratuitous nudity and violent Mob-style beatings. I give it 3 saggy butts.

Books I done read
The Lord Of The Rings - Re-read the whole thing over the space of a fortnight (after first reading it 15 years ago), and thoroughly enjoyed it. Undoubtedly made easier going by being able to visualise most of it thanks to Peter Jackson. I admit I skipped some parts of the appendices, basically from the point where it started saying "...to this extent that Series I was generally applied to the dental or t-series (tincotema) and II to the labials...". I'm not quite masochistic enough to go through that again.

Kingdom Come - I'd forgotten just enough of the novelisation for this to be fairly fresh, and the art is awesome. Plus anything with Bat-Mite and Beppo the Super-Monkey is all right by me. I at least spotted Krypto with prompting, but most of the other in-jokes I needed pointed out to me.

Food report
I had chicken sausages and salad for lunch, and will be partaking of beef and vegetable stir-fry for dinner. I admit I had tuna and rice for both lunch and dinner yesterday, but the important point is that I didn't have to.