Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feb stats

Books read - 11
DVD boxsets watched - 7
Distance walked - 50km (spread over 24 walks)
Drawings done - 12

After around 3 weeks of mostly bedrest either side of the Jan-Feb transition, I've been rebuilding strength via a daily dog-walking excursion with my parents. This has been 2km at about two-thirds pace, and seems to be exactly what my body can handle. The one time I pushed myself a bit harder my fatigue hit back, but still feels like progress.

Over the past few days I've even found a sleep routine that has me waking rested, rather than exhausted, without taking up my whole day (hopefully it'll persist!). This leads to both a better mood and some of the concentration needed to draw again, which I've been enjoying.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Originally uploaded by bertiemabootoo

This video doesn't really do it justice, but during my walk this morning the sky was filled with sparrows, crazily flying all over. It was a really amazing sight!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

January stats

Books read - 10
DVD movies watched - 27
Distance walked - 60km
Drawings done - 0

I've been monitoring my action count since October 2006, but only last month realised that it wasn't very useful to measure without setting targets. So last month I identified the actions I wanted to emphasise, and ended up achieving 92% of my overall target (147/160). While I didn't draw as planned, I did more reading and walking, which balanced things out.

I've upped my drawing target for Feb to keep me looking at that as something needing more focus. I'm still far from settled on the right mix of walking to resting, as the second half of Jan was quite the fatigue-y struggle, and today has been far from encouraging. Oh well, 11 months left to work things out :)