Tuesday, June 20, 2006

[Movie] Cars

For someone who has no interest in cars, has a short attention span, and is easily irritated by people of all ages, it was a pleasant surprise that I loved "Cars" the movie.

The animation was spectacular, the characters were well defined stereotypes, and there were plenty of laughs (not just for the plethora of kiddies who shared the cinema). At 135 minutes long, I was expecting it to drag* at some stage, but I think the pacing was really good, and the lack of fidgeting in the tykes indicated the bright colours and loud noises were captivating them too :)

Or maybe I just like hanging with B, and wouldn't really care what movie we saw ;)

* definitely no pun intended...

The end of an era

Last night, the final episode of X-Files Season 9 ended with an "I made this" and I was able to rest the rest of the completist. 2 months and almost 200 episodes after my mammoth viewing experience began, what have I learned?

Firstly, simple maths tells me I've spent 10% of the last 8 weeks watching Mulder and Scully (around 140 hours). So lesson 1 is that I'm wasting my life...

Secondly, The X-Files is an awesome show, and remained so throughout its whole run, despite what less-easily-pleased-than-me people might try to tell you.

Thirdly... did I mention I'm wasting my life?

So, where to from here? How can I possibly fill the X-hole in my life? Suggestions welcome :)

Friday, June 09, 2006

Getting there

4 episodes into Season 8 of The X-Files, and I'm starting to pine for a little variety. Micallef's all done with, and there're months till Arrested Development and Simpsons Season 8 show up (new additions to my Veronica Mars order). This is what happens when I let my life revolve around DVDs...

Luckily, thanks to K (and my money), I now have the next two volumes of Fables to enjoy, so it's early to bed for some reading...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Spicy chilli tuna

Let me tell you that's a nasty thing to eat by accident (or at all). I'm not a big fan of hot food anyway, but this was just hot with no redeeming flavour. In order for this debacle to happen, the following preconditions are needed:
  • shopping without my glasses,

  • label colour almost identical to tomato and onion flavour,

  • having eaten around a thousand tuna and rice meals the past few years, so paying no attention at all to the stirring together of ingredients,
  • missing the fact there was a whole chilli mixed in with the rice.
Sadly I had to throw all but the first two mouthfuls out, but it was an excuse to have a beer to ease the burn.

Not even tuna and rice is safe anymore! Thankfully the spaghetti bolognaise, baked bean toasted sandwiches, chicken schnitzels and turkey sandwiches which have been added to my menu overwhelm a single culinary disaster :) Now I'm hungry...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Walking update

I haven't written for ages about my exercisin', so here're some brief stats on my hour long walks:

Walks in March - 17
Walks in April - 12
Walks in May - 12

While I'm not entirely satisfied with the frequency of walking the past couple of months, it's certainly better than the zero walks I'd done before March. Plus there are plenty of lunchtime walks and walks to the shops for groceries which I don't count.

My weight has remained fairly stable, even with the temptations opened up by now being able to eat anything I want. There's still plenty of work left for me to do before I reach my health goals, but I'm more confident all the time that I will continue the small steps I need.