Friday, October 31, 2003

Since my demanding public is crying out for more SSS's, I thought I'd put one up which I wrote about 7 years ago, and I got the feeling it was wasted on someone who simply didn't get it. So here it is for more discerning readers:


“Oy! What do you think you’re doing?” screamed Juniper the strange-looking toadfish.
“Nothing much!” replied Angle Strongarm, the eminently plausible subatomic particle, obstinately.
“As it should be!” summarised Mango, who was a wonderfully attractive beige pumpkin.


Or maybe it's just not that good?!?

And, at the risk of overdoing it, here's another one, never seen by non-Bertie eyes:


Wallowsworth the pencil-handler had drunk obscurely from the plinth of sublimation, and found herself rather pedantically free of bran. This was fairly typical in such cases, but it concerned Wallowsworth nonetheless.
Pickles wasn't quite so worried. He had never taken to the habit of perambulation, so the lack of such was a minor inconvenience at worst. This was his first mistake. His second was to get between the bran and Wallowsworth. Being snaffled by a pencil-handler is rarely pleasant.