Sunday, June 27, 2004

Grrrr... As someone who has never really been too choosy about what I eat, I'm now coming to terms with how food labelling legislation needs some serious work. After finally having my health back on track, starting my normal workload last week, I started getting sick again, without knowing why. After 2 days of steadily worsening stomach pain and nausea, I had another look at the box of cereal I'd started on a few days earlier. And was it clearly labelled with a giant "CONTAINS GLUTEN!!!" message? Obviously not. They'd settled for some small printing, away from the ingredients list, leading me to believe I was perfectly safe.

After hopping into my hazmat jumpsuit and disposing of the remaining cereal in a radiation-proof container, I am starting to feel better again. It supposedly takes 3 days for the effect of having gluten to wear off, and I'm 2 days into that, so confident tomorrow morning will see me fit(ish) and ready to go to work.