Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Yesterday at work my projects finally got underway. After a month of impatient waiting, I had an excellent day. I got to work with several people, was thoroughly impressed with the new starter doing stuff for me, and also made a few breakthroughs in structuring my project plan. My meeting count is starting to climb (which in itself isn't necessarily good, but these are focused, worthwhile meetings), and I felt for the first time since I moved to this section like I actually belong. Not bad considering I was on the verge of calling in sick when I woke up. Luckily several caffeine doses and the fact I had worthwhile work to do kept me going, and that momentum carried me all the way through a full work day and fun little trivia night, where (on the positive side) I knew Reverend Lovejoy's first name and Tom Cruise's first wife, but (on the negative side) thought Hallowe'en was October 21 and listened to K when he confused a dodecahedron with an icosahedron. Lucky he doesn't still play D&D or he would have been verbally pummelled..."PAIN! PAIN IN THE GLAYVIN!"