Thursday, November 10, 2005

Soy ice blended mocha

Yesterday was an awesome day! Catching up briefly with K and AWP-Shaq, and an afternoon of enjoyable - :O - shopping with B.

Over the titular "coffee", B and I were discussing the insular nature of Canberra relationships and I raised the analogy of musical chairs to describe the problem that once everyone in your group is "paired up" you can end up being single for a looooong time or, to quote B: "The loser who ends up with nobody to sit on." Thankfully my dark-ish sense of humour finds that as amusing as it was intended to be (not the harsh indictment of my sad life it might otherwise seem to be :)

But that whole musical chairs thing is really me being fate-alistic and not taking any responsibility for my poor record in meeting new people. When it comes down to it, my stability-liking ways have conspired to create a comfortable (but often lonely) place to exist.

Hmmm, not sure that didn't come out a little more self-pitying than I planned. Certainly not intended that way!