Saturday, November 26, 2005

Not enough toys

Since I'm clearly not using enough web toys - LibraryThing, Flickr, Writeboard, Webnotes, Enetation, SiteMeter plus, obviously, Blogger - I've added one more, my own page. So if you've ever wondered what websites I look at when I'm not cracking people so consistently up with my hilarious blog entries, now you can find out! (8 links in one sentence!)

Friday, November 25, 2005

Sing, Bertie, sing!

Ironically, "Jelly is a fat free food". Not sure if the soy ice cream I'm going to eat with it can say the same... (Also unfortunate that K-Zone isn't "Q zone").

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Soy ice blended mocha

Yesterday was an awesome day! Catching up briefly with K and AWP-Shaq, and an afternoon of enjoyable - :O - shopping with B.

Over the titular "coffee", B and I were discussing the insular nature of Canberra relationships and I raised the analogy of musical chairs to describe the problem that once everyone in your group is "paired up" you can end up being single for a looooong time or, to quote B: "The loser who ends up with nobody to sit on." Thankfully my dark-ish sense of humour finds that as amusing as it was intended to be (not the harsh indictment of my sad life it might otherwise seem to be :)

But that whole musical chairs thing is really me being fate-alistic and not taking any responsibility for my poor record in meeting new people. When it comes down to it, my stability-liking ways have conspired to create a comfortable (but often lonely) place to exist.

Hmmm, not sure that didn't come out a little more self-pitying than I planned. Certainly not intended that way!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

If you don't hear from me...'s why I'm in detention. This article describes the effect of a key part of the new legislation being rushed through Parliament, relating to sedition. Something I found interesting is the second sentence of the definition: "The term [sedition] is deprecated in most countries, though equivalent language may still be in use in totalitarian and fascist jurisdictions." Draw your own conclusion...

Here's more detail and commentary on the proposed Anti-Terrorism Bill. For plenty more, just Google "australia sedition anti-terrorism". Sadly, all the discussion about it on the Web and other forms of media is all for naught, given the Liberal's supreme control of Australia's legislative powers. But at least we all have a chance to start practising our kow-towing before being locked up.