Monday, July 10, 2006

One less app

I've been using SharpReader to monitor my RSS feeds for as long as I've been blogging, largely for its simplicity. I've tried several replacements and always gone back to basics. But the latest (0.7.1) release of Flock has finally given me a reason to change.

As the screen shot below shows, I can group my various feeds and get a summary of the latest stuff on a single page. I can check the content of any of these groups in more detail, or drill down to an individual feed, very easily. And I don't have to leave the convenience of a Firefox-based browser. Its one down side is that it checks for feed updates every half hour, and there's no way to change the setting. Not a problem for me with a 12GB quota, but very irresponsible as feed monitoring goes.

Add to that integrated blogging, and Flickr photo posting, and I'm a convert. The blog post tool isn't nearly as powerful as w.bloggar, but for most of my purposes it does the job, and even saves a local copy of each post automatically.