Friday, August 18, 2006

Life gets in the way

I've been having too much fun to blog the past couple of weeks, but a lonely lazy Friday night gives me time for an update on goings on in the excitement-fest that is Ber-T's world:

S-Club's 30th on the 5th was heaps o' fun, and because of the Shenani-dogs I even talked to people who weren't wearing orange! I ate way too much junk food, amazed youngsters with my long public service career and my Sunday walk was taken care of as I left the party at 1am to get home a little before 2, meaning a sleep-in and day of laziness were my reward.

(Wed the 9th) It's iPod time! I managed a half hour walk in winds strong enough to nearly tear my beanie from my velcro-stubbled head, before deciding that, new toy or not, I was going back home.

(Friday the 11th) I left work and headed to Civic rather than home, with no actual plans (Em would be proud) except the vague hope of seeing some friends. I tried visiting K but he'd already gone to the pub, so I propped up his business by purchasing a handful of comics, and organised impromptu drinks with B and The Boy. A pint of conversation later I returned to Impact, this time meeting K, who looked frantically around for escape before resigning himself to an OK Corral dinner and a second King O's pint with me. He ran screaming for an imaginary bus, which he assured me was his via a shouted over-shoulder goodbye, around 10 and I rode my own flexibus home with a smile borne of a satisfying week.

(Wed 16) A rare catch up with Redhead Kingpin (the first time since Fishy's wedding), then an awesome chat over tea/coffee with Liv, before meeting up with B for Thai dinner (vegetarian massumun, at least that's how the menu spelt it, but I remain skeptical) and it was off home to once again relish the joy that is hanging with friends.