Sunday, November 28, 2004

Egregious health

It would be an egregious act for me to not add something more meaningful here about my health over the past 2 weeks. I've certainly spent plenty of time complaining in the past, but I actually have good news to report, and this is as positive as I've been for months. Basically:

  • I've been able to work my normal work weeks, 8am-4pm (which is my preferred timeslot), and even managed an extra 4 hour stint on Wed morning (my usual day off) without any ill effects.
  • I got to have a lovely Ethiopian dinner the same night, something a little spicy as a nice break from the blandness of tuna and rice, and not so much as a whimper from my normally rambunctious stomach (that wasn't a word of the day, I just wanted to use it).
  • I've only been sleeping 6-7 hours a night (which I'll settle for, now that I'm too old to cope with my 2-3 hours sleeps of yester-decade), but waking up energetic, and able to carry that energy through most of the day.
  • I've been able to exercise regularly, and not collapse in a heap as a result (only really limited by a broken toe, which is slowly mending).
  • I actually think my attitude has had a positive impact on my work team, instead of me needing them to help get me "up".
  • I managed a lunchtime walk through the Belconnen Mall, with its obligatory aimlessly wandering crowds, and never once felt like punching someone.