Saturday, December 04, 2004

Streets is banned

No, that title's not bad grammar, it's my none too happy statement about the latest labelling f**k-up from the food industry. A few weeks ago I was introduced to the tastiest ice-blocks I've ever had. Suspicious they tasted too good to not have milk in them I checked the ingredients repeatedly, and was satisfied that I was safe. So with summer starting to hit, I happily started having the Streets Cyclone on a daily basis. The day of my last entry I started getting a bit of a headache, which I attributed to the weather change. The next day I started getting my nausea back, as well as a persistent cough. Headed home from work early, and went to bed, expecting to be over the worst of a mild cold, and ready for work by morning. Had another ice block to ease my sore throat, as one would when confident it contained nothing one is extremely intolerant of. The next day I felt even worse and it was 38 degrees, so I had more ice blocks. Worse still on Wednesday, still worse on Thursday. After spending an entire night coughing and throwing up, I decided I'd avoid any more ice blocks, as I thought maybe the fruit was causing my nausea. Didn't make much difference and still felt shit all of Friday.

Today I find out that the Cyclone "ice block" has been recalled from stores because it actually contains milk. Just a minor little oversight. Nothing that would, say, cause vomiting, nausea, and a recurrence of my asthma that I haven't had for 20 years because I never go near milk!!! So when I paraphrase Jay and say "<expletive deleted> Streets! <expletive deleted> them in their stupid <expletive deleted>!" you know where I'm coming from.

The good news is that, hopefully, another day or so and most of the symptoms should ease off. Hopefully my newfound health, pre-Streets debacle, will mean I can make a speedy recovery, and I can get back to enjoying my life again.