Wednesday, January 12, 2005

[TV/DVD] Arrested Development - Season 1

No, not the music group with hits like Mr. Wendel and People Everyday, this is a hilarious new sitcom, currently being butchered by Prime (surprise, surprise) in a variable late night timeslot. Luckily the good people of Canadia have provided me with the entire 22 episodes of Season 1 on DVD. My housemates are totally hooked on it as well, and it stands up really well on 2nd and 3rd viewings.

So, what's it all about, you ask, in the tired, disinterested way I have come to expect from people barely tolerating me (i.e. friends, relations, the unemployed...). Well, let me tell you! A wealthy family has to adjust quickly when the pater familias is sent to prison for corporate fraud (and some "light treason"). Jason Bateman, the only member of the family who's ever worked, is all that stands between his family and the ravages of an unfamiliar world. Filmed in faux documentary style, the writing and acting are spot on, with plenty of spectacularly funny characters and situations. Portia de Rossi and Jeffrey Tambor also star, along with a host of other talented comedic actors.

I'm sure I haven't done it justice, but in my opinion this is a must see.