Monday, February 06, 2006

These knees aren't made for walking

Rather than remaining a victim to my latest spell of ill health, I've tried to continue the exercise kick I started last year with a return to weights. While I haven't been able to do any weights for the past few weeks, due to a shoulder/neck problem, I have taken to long evening walks. From last Tuesday night till last night (Sunday) I had 6 consecutive days of walks purely dedicated to exercise (rather than just my usual wander to the Mall for groceries and second-hand CDs). 4 of those walks were for an hour or more, and I even managed a half hour on Friday night when I felt like absolute crap for the entire day.

So what has all the walking gotten me? I had hoped I would magically sleep well, but that hasn't eventuated, even with cooler temperatures returning. I do feel that it's helping me manage stress a bit better, although I still have plenty of work to do in that area. Surprisingly, I quickly started to look forward to an hour of walking, spending the day on Saturday keenly waiting till the sun was almost down (around 8pm) and really enjoying the walk. I even covered 50% more ground in the same time than I had on Wednesday (which was encouraging). I'm hopeful that continuing with the walking, returning to weights and supplementing with a little backyard basketball will continue my weight loss, fitness gain, base health improvement, and that it will translate to better health eventually.

Just some more (literal) steps on the path to action :)