Friday, April 27, 2007

Pending hegemony

I haven't really had much to write lately, my concentration being taken up with drawing, reading and spending time with friends. It's been a matter of enjoying what I'm doing enough that I haven't needed to write about it to convince myself that I'm doing something. Which is great (even if the description of it is a horrific, run-on sentence...).

On that note, I think I'm finally starting to reap the reward of actually doing some regular drawing. After numerous posts over the past fortnight bemoaning my inability to get a decent likeness of any of my chosen subjects, I think I've finally got things working, and have found a comfortable process, with acceptable results. Below is one example of today's efforts, but I'd recommend checking the others too, if you want to see where I start to feel that my pics aren't total crap and that I can actually draw a little :)

I still need to experiment a bit with getting the scans to best reflect my pencil sketches, as I think the originals definitely look better than what I've been able to upload in electronic form. Who'd have guessed I might be an analogue fan?