Saturday, July 25, 2015

Spotify, Magic Whip, Station Eleven, Star Trek: TNG

I'm listening to... Spotify
After a few weeks of premium Spotify I can't believe I waited so long to commit. So much more music at my fingertips, and significantly cheaper than my usual buying methods ($12/mth). My constant hunger for newness now has a provider :)
I'm listening to... The Magic Whip by Blur
A distinctly Blur album, not diminished by the time since the last studio release. Veers from mournful to playful, with lots of unusual instrumental flourishes. Fave tracks: Go Out, I Broadcast

I'm reading... Station Eleven
A different take on post-apocalyptic fiction, with a non-linear, heavily character focused tale. Some tense moments finely balanced with a mostly positive view of people despite their weaknesses.
I'm watching... Star Trek: The Next Generation
Other than the first season, I don't think I've seen these since they originally aired, back when I was in my teens. A JB sale last week was sufficient for me to bite the bullet and buy the full set on Blu Ray, and 10 eps in it both looks great and stands up well.