Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Valiant Loaded loss

Oh, for another set of young legs...

Despite an awesome first half effort, being down by only 4, we came up short in game 2 of the new season, mostly due to only having 5 players. Spud and Shak both had great games again, running the whole time, despite ankle and shoulder injuries respectively. Sergeant Swish was dominating on the defensive boards as well as managing a spectacular tip-in and a "white chocolate" move in the second half. Batto didn't quite live up to his Rain Man reputation, going 0-11 from downtown. And Bertie simply died with 13 minutes to go. Or did he? Yes, he did.

So really I'm just happy to be walking today, admittedly with my knees, ankles and feet all painful. I'm waaaaay too old to be attempting 40 minutes, and I'll be overjoyed to spend some time on the bench next week, when we should hopefully have the In Blue dogs back.