Saturday, December 11, 2004

Slow progress but life is good

Well I wouldn't say I've reached the ne plus ultra of health since my last entry, but one thing I've been really pleased with is that the pre-Streets health I'd been enjoying seems to have been something lasting. Despite having a 5 day period with only 8 hours sleep total, my energy levels stayed high, and I remained positive. I've now managed a couple of half days of work and, even though the incessant coughing hasn't reduced too much, and I'm still not sleeping consistently as a result, I'm just glad to be back doing the work that I want to do.

A chest X-ray and another trip to the doctor next week will hopefully sort out whatever is preventing a full recovery from this latest health roadblock (steroids and Ventolin alone haven't sorted it out). In the meantime, my enthusiasm is at a real high and, since I can't get back to exercising yet (a big no-no on 1.5 lungs), I'm throwing myself at making some concrete achievements in the Identity and Access Management project I'm heading up at work.