Friday, December 17, 2004

[TV/DVD] Tru Calling

Slow to get started (Eliza Dushku kept me watching :) this show really hit its stride when Jason Priestly joined the cast. Unlike Polarbear and Ando, I didn't go all weak because JP was back on the box, but his character really adds a lot to the conflict/tension of the show, and provides plenty of interesting opportunities for the writers in Season 2.

Apparently the second season has barely begun in the US and is already in danger of cancellation, but considering the first series was supposed to be cancelled three separate times and still survived, I'll wait and see.

The DVD boxset has some OK special features (number one being not having to work out when Prime is showing it, and not having to deal with a thousand ads in a midnight timeslot... but I digress). Deleted scenes for each episode (nothing too earth-shattering), commentaries on 6 of the 22 episodes (mostly just indicating that the cast had a lot of fun making the show) and some brief featurettes.