Sunday, March 18, 2007

Brisk capitulation

It's not so much that nothing's been going on which has kept me from posting much this month, it's more that I'm tired of reading the same ol' crud from me. So what follows will not be complaints about health, stories about walking or regaling you with action counts. And, in fact, the last two of those are soon to be entirely phased out, as my accounting has served its purpose, and I plan to stop measuring at the end of this month. Counting isn't action ;)

#1: I can't believe it's taken me so long to work out that shopping at my local, Kippax Fair, is about a million times more pleasant than navigating the drone-clogged Mall. On Monday after work, I managed to do my grocery shopping, visit the newsagent, chemist and post office, all within a few steps of each other, and happily walk home without violence ever having crossed my mind. I did much the same on Wednesday morning, and even took photos in the park out the back while I waited for my magic pills to be ready. I'm leaving the Mall to the suckers from now on, it's Kippax all the way!

#2: I'm concentrating on taking photos as much as possible, and even when I'm not taking photos I'm looking for photo ops. I'll hopefully venture further afield once my holidays start in 2 weeks, in search of inspiring subject matter all over Canberra.