Monday, May 21, 2007

Adventure thy name is Bertie

As misleading titles go, that's a doozy :)

However, the last few days have been very active for me, in an almost totally sedentary way. Roughly 10 hours of drawing spread across the weekend, followed by my entire team being away on a training course today, leaving me to carry the burdensome load all on my own.

Bought a replacement DVD player at lunchtime because my current one started acting up last week, and I have too many new TV DVDs to watch to tolerate that (Family Guy, The Larry Sanders Show, and Thank God You're Here, to name a few).

When I got home from work, a malfunctioning security screen kept me out of my house, luckily rescued by a quick call to my Dad, bearer of useful tools. Which only removed my excuse not to do an hour of weights and cycling, before setting up aforementioned DVD player and spending the rest of the evening in front of the TV.

Now, if you try to say all of the preceding run-on sentences out loud, in a single exhalation, you will capture the sheer, breathless magnificence which is my existence ;)