Monday, May 28, 2007

Realisation of entropy

A continuation of yesterday's theme, my day at work today was amazingly good. Not because everything worked out (in fact there were/are significant dramas and stresses in a number of cross-section and interpersonal relationships going on). But I realised that I'm genuinely contributing to improving things, to minimise damage where needed, while adding value to my team's decisions.

A couple of times I found myself spontaneously smiling and being grateful for where my work life sits right now. Whatever it is that I'm doing is exactly what I want to be doing (even in spite of working 8-5 with no lunch break, practically workaholic in my usual terms).

I even had the energy left over to ride 10km, and add my latest drawing ... and now I'm off to bed to rest my weary eyes, as I'm forced to wait another week or so for the inevitable news of a changed eyeglass prescription, to hopefully improve a waning focus which threatens my burgeoning artistic habit.