Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunny side up

All the work I've been putting in to developing a more positively focused mindset seems to be getting to the point of automatic now.

Exhibit A - A thoroughly frustrating and pointless day of meetings a couple of Mondays back had me ready to explode with annoyance, as I headed home. My solution? 20 minutes of weights and 10km cycling, and all the ill will towards the world was gone, allowing me to relax into an evening of DVD watching, the anomaly of a bad work day not to be perpetuated into a bad week.

Exhibit B - On Friday, I got home from work feeling pretty good about achievements over the past couple of days. As I went to put a couple of cartons of So Good in the fridge, one slipped from my hand and smashed on the ground, leaking soy milk all over the floor. With a shrug of the shoulders, I grabbed a cloth, cleaned up, salvaged what I could of the carton's contents, then went about my cheery way. This is certainly not the Bertie of the past.

Exhibit C - After an excellent time catching up with friends in Civic last night (despite any angry-looking photos you might see!), my last bus home drove away within eyesight but out of running distance. Rather than being angry about it, I strolled to the taxi rank and appreciated the much faster ride home, including an enjoyable conversation with my African taxi driver (who was actually enjoying the start of winter, saying he'd had enough of heat!). I was snugly in bed 20 minutes before I would have even been home via bus, and that's (occasionally) worth the extra $30.

None of that's to say I'm the perfect beacon of cheer, but I certainly feel more resilient in dealing with the inevitable downs of life. Not only good for me, but certainly better for those around me too :)