Saturday, July 14, 2007

En garde

While I have no real aspiration to be a Director, I've quite enjoyed my first week of EL2 acting (with another 5-11 weeks to go). The transition has been far easier for me given that:
  1. my team leader role had me overseeing 60% of the staff/projects in my section already,
  2. I've been in the section for 18 months, and am familiar with all the clients and most of the systems,
  3. my boss is still around, just in a changed role.
Pretty much the ideal intro :)

Outside of work, I've finished watching 3 seasons of Alias over the past month, along with plenty of Scrubs, a dash of Fawlty Towers and, over the past couple of days, several movies...

Boytown - I was always going to enjoy this, Mick Molloy and Co. never having let me down before. While there was not nearly enough Bob Franklin, and the ending was a bit "down", this was a good way to wind down the end of my working week.

Ghost Rider - The effects were very cool, Eva Mendes looked great, but otherwise it was only so-so. I admit I'm not any kind of big fan of the comic, but it just plain didn't grab me as a Rider newbie.

Pulse - One word: Kristen Bell :) It did a good job of being creepy, but hasn't scared me away from my computer...