Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Marking time

After such an enthusiastic burst of blogging I've been waylaid by my health. For the first time in over 6 months I needed to take a couple of sick days, and probably wouldn't have worked at all the past 2 weeks if I wasn't acting Director while my boss is away. While it's good to feel needed, and to know that I can tough my illness out if needed, it's slowing down my recovery badly, and persistent headaches, nausea and fatigue can only keep going so long before the thrill is gone... Except for the 15 hours I worked last week, I spent almost 7 full days in bed (or at least reclining), dizzy and ill, but still not sleeping much. So it's felt like a reeeaaalllly long 9 days, which seems to be the perverse nature of illness (for me anyway), that it stretches out the time I can't do anything much in, while the joyful, energetic times fly by too fast.

On the positive side, I've had lots of new DVDs to distract me in my insomnia, and thankfully my headache is only worsened by moving, rather than TV. So Simpsons Season 6 (including all the commentaries and the first quarter of Season 7), the first half of Roswell Season 3, the Clerks Animated Series and Dead Like Me Season 1, have all been demolished in the past fortnight. Plus I still have the Sin City Special Edition to watch, hopefully on Thursday since I have to work tomorrow (at least in the morning). With that in mind, time to go lie down again :)