Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Old Smokey

Back in the days when VHS videos were new-fangled technology, each member of our family had a single video tape with which to record their favourite shows. If you found a new favourite, you had to lose an old one. It's a little hard for me to comprehend, with 530+ DVDs and climbing, that I could ever have coped with only one movie to depend on. I must certainly have had more hobbies and interests to fill the time which now gets absorbed in devouring DVDs.

In 1986, and for several years afterwards, my one and only movie was Back To The Future. I never actually taped over that, but over the years saved up the small fortune necessary to buy a second blank tape, to keep Michael J. Fox and his Delorean available for regular watching. But before Mr. Fox's movie classic, my single video contained Smokey and The Bandit, and I loved that movie. My Dad was a truck driver, so imagining that his job was anything like Burt Reynold's exploits was pretty cool. After watching the latest Clerks 2 making-of clip yesterday, with the "Reynold's Style" theme, and discovering a conveniently priced copy of the DVD at lunchtime today, I'm once again in possession of one of my fondest childhood movie memories. Will it stand up to close inspection? I say it will. Prepare to be bombarded with "Breaker, breaker. 10-4 good buddy." for weeks to come :)