Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The songs in my head

Because I haven't added a new link to something "My ..." for at least two weeks, I thought I'd add my new music tracking account. Basically it monitors every song that runs through Media Player and adds it to my profile, working out any others with similar tastes. Very "Big Brother", but easy to turn off if I develop a taste for The Wiggles, or something, that I'm not willing to be public about. Right now it's heavily biased towards the handful of CDs I bought yesterday, but once I return to full shuffle it should hopefully display an eclectic mix. I can also post journal entries there, although for now I'll probably keep my content on this one site.

UPDATE: I just discovered that it only displays the last 10 tracks I listened to, so the comment above won't be very relevant. But I also found that I can type in an artist name and have, automatically streamed to my PC, a radio station with artists similar to (and including) my selected artist. So, for example with Soul Coughing, I get Beck, TMBG, Weezer, Miles Davis, Ben Folds Five, Beastie Boys and others. No ads, just lots and lots of new music to discover. Awesome!!!