Monday, April 10, 2006

An excellent day

The bad news that my doctor is away for the next 2 weeks, meaning I have to wait at least that long to find out whether I can start eating normally again, could easily have spoilt my day (and probably would have a few months ago). But my newfound, exercising, positive mindset instead had me calling Liv to arrange lunch and heading in to Civic to shop at the altar of comicdom that is Impact Comics. So I not only got to complain to K - which I love to do, as I see his interest rapidly wane :) - but also to have a longer chat with Liv, which was long overdue. That would have been more than enough on its own to make for a good day, but I had success with shopping too, getting 2 new books to read, 2 new graphic novels and a few cheap DVDs, all of which can form part of my keep-busy strategy for my holidays. Now that's what a holi-day should be like!