Monday, April 24, 2006

Laughter is the best walking partner

Well, probably not, but for sad, lonely individuals like myself, who have only a cool-free MP3 player for company (sob!), no better accompaniment could exist for having an hour-long walk seem like no more than a few minutes. My first 2 years of Uni, I listened to Martin Molloy religiously each afternoon, getting my comedy fix by switching between the music that I wanted to hear (on my analog audio tape) and the comedy talkfest. The switching was important because commercial radio has never been the home for music I want to hear, and if you haven't heard me rant about ads recently it means you haven't spoken to me.

Now podcasts have brought me the ultimate product: many of my favourite comedians, who host radio shows which don't broadcast to Canberra (well, they might, but they'd be on commercial radio and hence unlistenable-to), now have their "best bits" neatly cut together into packages of pure hilarity, downloadable for free and ready for my aforementioned walks. I've been listening to Hamish and Andy and Merrick and Rosso for a while, but now there are also shows from Mick Molloy, Tony Martin and Shaun Micallef to add to my schedule, enough to keep me going for my whole week of walking!

What an age we live in :)