Saturday, April 08, 2006

Fun and games

My day so far has been quite amusing, in unexpected ways.

Firstly, I just got back from my first walk since Monday. What I discovered at the supermarket mid-point of my walk was that, just as I was about to pay for my groceries, I hadn't brought my wallet. Luckily I'd just eaten lunch, or hunger might have made that less than amusing, but I take it as simply another way of ensuring I do more walking :)

Secondly, when I checked my letterbox on returning home I found (along with the usual ton of junk mail) an old-fashioned, snail mail, chain letter scam. I didn't think they still existed! I certainly hadn't received one since primary school. This one assures me that the sending of 200 letters, along with posting a $10 note (which I thought was illegal, but is apparently just "risky" according to Australia Post) will net me over $77,000!!! Interesting to see the effect of inflation, as the original e-version specifies $1 :)