Thursday, April 06, 2006

More waiting

I would have posted this sooner, but I was so tired I went to bed at 7 and have just woken up, knowing that I'll struggle to get to sleep again after a 4 hour nap.

After over a month of waiting, I've finally had my gastroscopy, which was even easier than I'd expected. 12 hours with no food and water wasn't quite as tough as I'd feared, although not made easier by only 6 hours sleep in 3 days beforehand. The procedure itself was non-existent for me, since one moment I was talking to the doctor and the next I was waking up in recovery. I really need to get me some of that sedative! I even got a couple of little photos and a little hand-drawn diagram of the visible issues with my stomach (reassuring in some respects that there's something wrong, although any treatment needs to wait till pathology results).

I was only very slightly groggy by the time I got home, watched a little TV and was able to eat my normal dinner. My stomach is still a bit sensitive, and so I won't be rushing back to Coke drinking in the next few days. My only issue is having to wait another 2 weeks to get full results, which will tell me whether I can start having gluten again (or not) as well as, hopefully, what else I can do to finally make a full recovery.

So the bulk of my holidays will remain a tuna and rice zone, with no clear path forward still, but at least still moving in the right direction.