Sunday, February 18, 2007

Gracious abandonment

It's more than two years now since I played any serious basketball, and I haven't really pined after it for quite some time. So, as another step in my always-just-one-moment-of-stupidity-away-from-unretiring retirement, I've finally started to clear out my collection of similarly retired basketball boots.

These span the gamut from my Nike days, inspired by Jordan and Barkley:

to my discovery of the wonders of Converse, via the best shoes ever - Cons Tar Max (the only shoes I never had an injury in - wonder indeed! I wish I'd bought 10 pairs of these...):

and beyond, to my last pair of blacks:

They've all been taking up space in almost forgotten shoe boxes for many years, and I've now overcome my reticence at throwing anything out. These photos form sufficient remembrance of my not-at-all-athletic past. It's walking shoes all the way from now on :)