Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Great googly moogly

This post from Slow Leadership effectively describes some beliefs I've let stand in my way in the past, preventing me from being as happy as I can be. I set my standards low to avoid disappointment, and let fear of just about everything limit me to doing same-old, same-old.
"The most useless and harmful beliefs aren’t just wrong; they actively prevent you from doing or understanding things that would improve either your own life or the lives of the people around you."
Obviously it's not a simple leap from flawed beliefs to those which lead to positive action (well, not simple for me anyway!), but it's clearly a path worth pursuing.

Over the past few weeks, I've finally started to achieve a work/life balance, which means they're not balanced at all and that work is purely another aspect of my life. I actually want to be there when I'm there, not thinking about what else I'd rather do in my "life". Which is a pretty amazing feeling, and really helps with the "be in the moment" approach to enjoying life I've been moving towards for several months.

The one weird side-effect of that, though, has been I have no idea what day it is at any given time. Which, if all of my workmates had the same approach would be fine, but I still need to show up at times I'm expected. Not really an imposition, but a little quirk in "work" being more a smooth continuity of my week than it seems for many others.

None of this is entirely consistent, and I still have many moments when I slip back to thinking negatively. The difference for me now is I've improved in taking what feels negative and working out some action I can take to improve it. It's all about the small gains for me, taking satisfaction in how I handle any "tiny adversity" I might face.