Monday, February 26, 2007

Apathetic mandible

Rather than slump back into my lazy natural state after 8 days avoiding the threatening (but rarely delivering) storm clouds, I had some catching up to do. 5 walks in 48 hours has me right back on track, with nary a drop of rain (or a ray of sun) to be felt.

While my mood has maundered a bit recently, what I've felt as a low point is really nothing more than the slight absence of the enthusiasm I've become more accustomed to. When I look back on the things I've enjoyed the past week, I can't help but think it's been pretty good:
  • dinner with B and Liv (where the bus kept me dry...),

  • getting to relive Chicago's six NBA championships on DVD,

  • finally finishing this book,

  • plus really positive momentum continuing to build at work.
Once again, you can tell I'm padding out a blog post purely as an excuse to brag about my walking... The post should just have read "1 walk every 576 minutes" or "10% of my weekend was walking" ;)