Monday, February 05, 2007

Peripheral exigency

Thanks to the B's generosity and complementary DVD library, I got to see the following five movies over the weekend:

American Dreamz
Some excellent comic characters, with unsubtle digs at current US policy (always welcome). Paul Weitz hits again, after American Pie and About A Boy also in his canon.

Bring It On - All Or Nothing
or, as I'd prefer to call it, Bring It On-est (the second sequel to Bring It On and Bring It On-er).
Stars the super-powered cheerleader from Heroes as... a cheerleader. I started off watching this a little critically, then thankfully stopped taking it even slightly seriously and enjoyed it thoroughly as a result. Some entertaining crunkin', lots of stereotypes and an unsurprising but cheery happy ending.

Harvard Man
I was expecting a stock-standard girl-whose-Dad-is-in-the-mafia tries to fix college basketball game using her boyfriend-the-point-guard, but instead it's some crazy drug-taking, FBI-college-professor-threesome, Al-Franken-cameoing trip. Weird.

... and the big Corey double ...
Just One Of The Girls
I can't believe I didn't watch this as a teen. I mean, c'mon, Nicole Eggert! Nonetheless, anyone believing Corey Haim as a female cheerleader... I guess it was the era of big shoulders!

Dream A Little Dream
I don't even know where to start with this. Old man dreams himself into Corey Feldman, and Corey doesn't seem that keen to resume his old life... the rest I'll leave to interested viewers to discover :) And, if you like it, there's even a sequel!